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B2C e-commerce integration is much invited today, enabling entrepreneurs to expand their reach to the markets,enhance customer loyalty and increase service standards to establish a prominent brand.

Logic Enterprise B2C e-commerce platform offers enhanced online customer self-service experience. With functionalities to aid web stores management, it expedites uploading and deleting products onto the websites from user defined ends, allows creating web pages directly from the B2C batch master, assists in managing catalogs and individual items, sales templates, assignment catalogs etc.

Custom integration with business ERP helps to record and maintain process business transactions simultaneously across different web-stores and with greater accuracy.Also, features to supportOmni-retail channels facilitates efficient business information recording and processing e.g. demand analyses, inventory status, production scalability, analyzing seasonal fluctuations and customer intent.

Key Benefits

  • Broadcast on the web pages.
  • Add extra content like supplement facts panel, technical specifications or MSDS.
  • Identify promotional items and featured items.
  • Reduced Inventory management, orders management, shipments and accounts management costs.
  • Optimized marketing programs

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