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Logic Enterprise

“Logic Enterprise is a Total Integrated ERP Software Solution that facilitates organizational Process related to Production ,Sales & Distribution as well as retailing and service & repair oriented business.”

Today there is a great need for efficient systems, which offers dynamic controls and high accessible informational access to support strategic decision making, to keep up with the robust business environments.

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Logic AFS

The Niche and vertical specific ERP for AFS Vertical is customer requirement centric business application designed, guided , tested and has been run by most of the giant customers. Thus the solution now an overwhelmed and loaded with benefits those are facilitated to all existing customers.

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Logic FMCG

The three major challenges in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods market, and what will make or break a company, are marketing, distribution and repetitive manufacturing. Whatever marketing strategy you choose, LOGIC ERP is designed to help you manage the campaign and monitor profitability. You can track the effectiveness of the overall campaign or a specific product bundled into an incentive campaign: "buy two tubes of toothpaste and get one free shampoo." With LOGIC ERP, you can manage multiple distribution channels, from retail chains and individual storefronts to the Internet and retail partners. Control costs while remaining competitive, and track your connection customers.

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Logic Pharma

Logic-Pharma is a specialized vertical ERP for Pharmaceutical industry, devised to resolve business challenges optimally and to make operations much profitable.Pharma industry is a complex business where high number of competitors, strict compliance mandates, and complex product mix increase worries for business planners. In addition, perishable inventories, large spread networks, and fluctuating demands, propels a high need to incorporate advanced technologies, to strategize processes to meet time-bound market pressures.

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Logic Elec & telecom

Businesses in the home appliance, Electricals & Telecom industry, from manufacturing to distribution, are all feeling the effects of the new realities of the global economy. In addition to innovation and new product management combined with shorter product life cycles, manufacturers must be on top of government and industry regulations, tight supply chain management and more. Retailers need to successfully manage various payment options and credit scenarios for both suppliers and customers, enable marketing campaigns and customer loyalty schemes and manage stocks and deliveries.

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Logic Wellness,Salon & spa

Personalized wellness has increasingly become ingrained as a part of healthy lifestyle, complementing scientific and medical approaches. India enjoys a surge with affordable medical tourism, Ayurvedic spas and many famous practices of Yoga, driving visitors from corners of the world.

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Logic F&B

A total integrated ERP for food and beverage product retailing. The suite of solution comprises of integrated functionalities of Retail Store Operations, Point of Sales, Sales & Distribution and Kitchen Process(recipe management) for food court, café, bar, ice cream parlor, Quick service(QSR) It can integrate all business organization or departments like Payroll, Accounts & Finance, CRM and e-Commerce with all the above departments or business units.

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LOGIC E-Commerce - B2C

B2C e-commerce integration is much invited today, enabling entrepreneurs to expand their reach to the markets,enhance customer loyalty and increase service standards to establish a prominent brand.

Logic Enterprise B2C e-commerce platform offers enhanced online customer self-service experience. With functionalities to aid web stores management, it expedites uploading and deleting products onto the websites from user defined ends, allows creating web pages directly from the B2C batch master, assists in managing catalogs and individual items, sales templates, assignment catalogs etc.

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LOGIC B2B - Onine Order Booking

B2B e-commerce solutions are much in demand today, consolidating relations with business partners, suppliers and distributors,to facilitate smooth flow of operations across the business channel. Entrepreneurs realize the need to manage their supply chain efficiently, allowing business partners and distributors to have easy communications on a unified platform to decrease lead times, reduce costs of manufacturing, distribution and support.

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