Branch + Item Wise Sale Report

Branch + Item Wise Sale Report

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Branch + Item Wise Sale Report : Follow the under mentioned steps : -

Select the Report / Queries option from the Logic Enterprise main window.

Select the Sale Report and then select any option from the list..

A new window appears select the Customer + Item Wise Sales Analysis menu and select the Branch + Customer + Item Wise Sale Analysis option from the list.


Enter the configuration name as Branch + Item Wise Report or select it from the list.


Click the Report Options and make the following selections :

Report Consolidation - Branch Wise,Period,Item.

Report Totals - Grand Totals.

Item Consolidation - Group.

Period Total - Year Wise.


Click the Txn Options and select the Sale Qty from the Txn Type Selection.


Click the Other Options and select Column As - Branch,Report Period Display - Monthly.


Click the Create button or press F5 to view the report.This displays the details about which branch has sold how many items.


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