Create New Company

Create New Company

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How To Create A New Company : In order to create a new company follow the under mentioned steps :-


You start the program.



Insert User Login detail.



As user enter the company login details user able to create new company.



Click on Create Company button.



Company Creation form appears > enter the various details related to the company.



Click on Create button or press Alt+R.



After creating the company user will be able to login in that company.

How To Modify A CompanyTo make changes in existing company like name of the company etc follow the under mentioned steps :-

1. Click the Modify Company button or press Alt+M.

2. Company Modification window appears.

3. Make the necessary changes and click on Save button or press Alt+S.

Backup DataKeeping or updating the individual company data.

If user logs in for the first time then on clicking Login.. button in company login details following Warning appears to take current backup.This will not allow user to login.



Fig . Take Current Backup


In order to remove this warning or to take current backup follow the under mentioned steps : -


1. Click on Backup Data button or press Alt+B in User Login Details window.

2. Logic Backup window appears.

3. Select the Backup option or press Ctrl+B from the Options menu or click the Backup Data icon from the toolbar as shown in the figure.

4. It take some time to backup data.After successfully backing up data user will be able to login.


Note :- Make sure that you select the Backup instead of  Restore.



Fig. Logic Backup

Path of Data

Click the browse button in order to change the path of the data.Do the followings to change the path of data : -


1. Click the Browse button.


2. Logic-Change Path of Data window appears.




3. Click the Choose New Path browse button.


4. Open window appears.Select the new location of the data and click open.


How To Change The Backend Database : The backend database can be set either in MS-Access or MS SQL Server.Do the followings to change the backend database : -


1. In order to change the backend as SQL Server,select the MS SQL Server from the list.




2. Click the MS SQL Setup... button > Connect SQL Setup window appears.


3. Click the Connect To SQL Server button and enter the Server and User name and click Connect button.


4. Now specify the location of the SQL Data by clicking browse button.


5. Open window appears select the location of the data and click Open.


6. Click the Create button or press Alt+R. Click Close button or press Alt+C to exit from the window.


7. Now click the Update button or press Alt+U in order to update the backend database.

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