Export / Import Accounts / Branches/Taxes

Export / Import Accounts / Branches/Taxes

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Export - Import Data Transfer : To transfer the data from one main branch to sub branch or vice versa we use Export / Import option.To do this follow the under mentioned steps :-


Click the Utilities option.


Select the Export/Import Branch Wise Data from the list.


Export / Import Data Options window appears,select the Export Account/Branch/Tax Master option from the list.


4. Double click the Export Account/Branch/Tax Masters option > Export Account/Branch/Tax Masters window appears.

5. Select the accounts to export and click Ok.

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6.Select the Branches to export the data.

8 copyBR

7. Select the Sale Tax Types to export.

9 copyBR

8. Select the Purchase Tax Types to export.

10 copyBr

9. Select the Cities to export.

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10.Select the Retail Customer Master option to export customer related database like select the Gift Voucher/Discounts Coupons to export.

12 copyBR

11. Similarly select Retail Customer to export.

13 copyBR

12. After selecting every detail click on Export button.Click on Start Copy button.

14 copyBR

13. Following window appears after transferring account i.e. 0_0_ACMAST.CAB is the destination path where the data is copied.

15 copyBR

How To Import the Data :

1. Select the option Import Accounts / Branches /Tax Master.

16 copyBR

2. Following window appears click on Start Import button.

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Note : User can check whether the data is properly imported or not by checking Account Details.

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