Limited User Settings

Limited User Settings

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Limited User Settings : To run LOGIC in Limited User Settings, the following needs to be done by the administrator to ensure proper functioning of the software : -

Note : LOGIC functions under the following date format

a) Short Date Style: DD/MM/YYYY

b) Long Date Style: DD/MM/YYYY

When you start LOGIC it will try to change the date format accordingly. If it does not succeed then an error message will appear. So it is advisable that the Date Format is changed to the above mentioned formats.

1. You need to set Security and Sharing of the <Install Folder of LOGIC> e.g C:\LOGIC. In Windows 2000/2003 Server you will need to give users full control of the above mentioned folder through Security Tab. In Windows XP you will need to share the folder. The folder sharing is described below.

i) Right Click the LOGIC Folder.

ii) Select the Properties from the popup menu.


iii) LOGIC Properties window appears.

iv) Select the Sharing tab and check the box as shown in the figure.

v) Click Apply button and then Ok.


2. Some permissions are also required in the Registry under the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. The keys that are required access by Limited users are:


(b) HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\LogicSoftwareIndia.

Explained below are the steps of how to accomplish this.


3. Registry Editor window appears > select HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.

4. Select Software Folder. Here exist two keys LOGIC and LogicSoftwareIndia

5. Right click LOGIC Key > Select Permissions from popup menu as shown in the figure :


6. Permissions for LOGIC window appears.Select the user name and give the permissions as shown in the figure.


Note : If a group of users is selected then these permissions are assigned to all the users as shown in the figure :-


6. Now select the LOGICSoftwareindia right click > Select Permission from popup menu as shown in the figure.


Click To Expand

7. Permission for LOGICSoftwareIndia window appears.Select the user name and give the permissions as shown in the figure.


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