Link Tax Types(Rate Basis)-Purchase

Link Tax Types(Rate Basis)-Purchase : Introduction To Link Tax Types(Rate Basis)- Purchase.

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Link Tax Types (Rate Basis)-Purchase : To link the tax types with purchase on the basis of rate follow the under mentioned steps :-


Click the Setup menu and select the Setup Items option from the list.


Select any option from the Setup Items submenu.


A new window appears click the Setup Taxes menu and select the Link Tax Types ( Rate Basis )-Purchase from the list as shown in figure.



This form enables the user to define the Purchase Tax Type of the items according to the Rate value.For example : If the item lies under CST PUR 4% tax type but its Sale Rate values lies between 101 to 150 then VAT 12.5% is implemented as the tax type.


How To Create a Record

Choose Tax Type : Select the tax type from the list.It is a mandatory column.

Choose Rate : Select the rate type from the list.It is a mandatory column.

Value : Enter the Rate value manually.It is a mandatory column can't be left blank.

Tax Type : Assign the tax type corresponding to the value.

Click Save button or press Alt+S to save the records.Click Close button or press Alt+C to exit.

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