Purchase Voucher

Purchase Voucher

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Purchase Voucher : To enter a purchase voucher select the option from the Purchase as shown below :-

PV1 copy

Following window appears.Enter the details related to purchase voucher.

Payment Mode : Select the mode of payment as Cash,Credit or Cheque.

GRN(Goods Received Number) Number : Enter the pre-fix as GRN or GR.Enter the GRN Number first time further it is auto generated.


Item Details : Enter the bar code then item name,pack/size,lot number,total quantity and purchase rate automatically filled in the grid.

User can enter the C.D.(Cash Discount) if any.

Click on Save button or press Alt+S in order to save the bill.

Click on Print button or press Alt+R in order to print the bill.

PV3 copy

Retrieve Option : This is used to retrieve the item details which can be from purchase order, purchase challan or any given option.

Click the Retrieve Order button or press Alt+E.

Retrieve Purchase Order / Delivery Note window appears.

Select the option and press Enter.

PV4 copy

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