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Schemes : Schemes are now a days very popular as it is into practise in every industry to attract more customers by deducting the price.Sometimes also use for clearing the old stock.

The schemes can be either quantity based,value based.Scheme can be categorized under different forms as CD%.Seasonal discount,TD,CD,Festival discount etc.

Following is flowchart for scheme campaign :


Setup Scheme Campaign : First define the scheme campaign & enter the details as what is the name of the scheme,its validation and scheme type.

Setup Scheme Campaign Slab Details : Here we define slabs as Rate Slab,Value Slab.

Global Settings : After completing the Setup Schemes we need to do global settings for the implementation of Scheme.

Sale Bill : After doing all the settings for practical implementation enter the sale bill to check whether scheme is working or not.

Scheme Report : Details can be viewed and analysed through the scheme report.

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