Setup Tax Types(Sale)

Setup Tax Types (Sale) : Introduction To Setup Tax Types (Sale).

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Setup Tax Types (Sale ) :To define the tax types for sale follow the under mentioned steps :-


Click the Setup menu and select the Setup Items option from the list.


Select any option from the Setup Items submenu.


A new window appears click the Setup Taxes menu and select the Setup Tax Types (Sale) from the list as shown in figure.



This from allows the user to define the parameters related to taxes for the sale.User can provide Tax Description manually and it is mandatory.

Tax Description is the tax type defined by user for example : VAT 5%,VAT 12.5% etc.


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User Entries

Nature : Select the nature of the tax type from the list.There are three kinds of nature :Tax Paid,Taxable,Tax Free.This option is used in Bill Printing to create separate columns on basis of Nature.

Tax Form : Select the Tax Form for this tax type from the list.It is an optional column.

Sale Account : Select the Sale Account from the list.Sale Account is a account which holds the sale value of the product.It is a mandatory column can't be left blank.

Sale Tax A/c : Select the Sale Tax A/c from the list.Sale Tax A/c is a account which holds the Sale Tax value of the product.The Sale Tax A/c is allocated only when we Calculate Sale Tax .

For example : if a product cost 100 and 5% is the sale tax then total cost is 105.Now the 100 amount goes in Sale Account and 5 goes under Sale Tax Account.

Calculate Sales Tax : Specify whether the sale tax is calculated or not.Select Yes or No from the list.

Taxes : Enter the values for taxes manually.There are three Tax columns : Tax-1,Tax-2,Tax-3.User can specify the percentage values in these fields.

Surcharge On Tax-3 : Specify the surcharge on the Tax-3.It is also specified in percentage.For example : Surcharge is 4% of Tax-3.

Surcharge A/c : If Calculate Sales Tax is set to Yes,then specify the Surcharge Account.If the this field is not set, then we are not able to specify surcharge A/c.

Excise A/c : Excise A/c is specified only when excise is charged on sale.This option will only work in case Tax 3 (Sales Tax) and Excise in the Bill are set to Bill Wise.

Tax 1 A/c : Specify Tax 1 Account in case any Tax 1 is charged in the Sale Bill. This option will only work in case Tax 3 (Sales Tax) and Tax 1 in the Bill are set to Bill Wise.

Tax 2 A/c : Specify Tax 2 Account in case any Tax 2 is charged in the Sale Bill. This option will only work in case Tax 3 (Sales Tax) and Tax 2 in the Bill are set to Bill Wise.

After all the records has been entered click on Save button Or Press Alt + S to save all the record that has been entered.Click Close button or press Alt+C to exit.

How To Display The Income A/c In Sale A/c List

In order to view the Income A/c in the Sale A/c List check the box SetupTaxTypes(ForSale)_IA to add Income A/c in Sale A/c List.In the list it is named as IA (Income A/c).

How To Modify Existing Record

In order to modify the existing record,select the record which you want to modify make the necessary changes and click on Save button or press Alt+S to save the changes.


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