Update Retail Customer Master for Segments

Update Retail Customer Master For Segments : Introduction To Update Retail Customers Master For Segments.

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Update Retail Customer Master For Segments : This form enables you to update Retail Customer For Segments up to the present date.A Segment means a group of customers which contains all those customers who has achieved the required sale amount or customers are categorized according to sale amount.For example :- if the sale amount of a customer is 5000 or above then the customers lies in the Diamond Category(for details check Setup Purchase Segments For Loyalty/Discount Card Customers Form ).


UD Net Amount

It is User Defined Net Amount.The amount is defined by selecting the saled items or by gross value from the Net Amount dialog box which appears on clicking the UD Net Amount button.After selection click Ok to save the net amount and then click the Update Records button to update the records up to present date.


Net Amount Dialog Box

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