Enter Customer/ Supplier Other Details

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bullet01 You can enter customer's or suppliers details through this form.


bullet01 This form lets you enter GST details of multiple accounts in a single window.


Enter Customer/Supplier wise Other Details: Main Menu> Setup> Set Other Account Details> Enter Customer/Supplier wise Other Details


Toggle Icon Minus 17Main Menu


enter customersupplier

                                    Fig 1. Main Menu




bullet01 Click on Account selection box. Search window will appear on your screen. Select one or multiple accounts.


bullet01 Click on Refresh button. Selected accounts will appear.


bullet01 Enter data like Account Name, Account Code, GST No.,  GST Date, GST State, GST State Code, E-Commerce Party and E-Commerce GST No.


    enter customersupplier details1

                                                  Fig 2. Enter Customer/ Supplier Other Details



To save the data entered by the user, user have to press enter button and the cursor should be on next line in the grid.


bullet01 Click on 'Save' button.




There are two Buttons available in the bottom of the Grid, Save Button and Close Button.


bullet01 Save Button :Click  to save the changes made by user.


bullet01 Close Button : Click to exit.