Setup Harmonious Codes

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bullet01 You can setup Harmonious code in LOGIC software.


Setup Harmonious Code: Main Menu> Setup> Setup Items> Setup Harmonious Codes


Toggle Icon Minus 17Main Menu


harmon code

                    Fig 1. Main Menu



bullet01 Enter data like Harmonious Serial No., Harmonious code, Harmonious Description, SION Number, SION Rate and Harmonious Short Description.



                                                  Fig 2. Setup Harmonious Codes/ Descriptions



To save the data entered by the user, user have to press enter button and the cursor should be on next line in the grid.


bullet01 Click on 'Save' button.




There are two Buttons available in the bottom of the Grid, Save Button and Close Button.


bullet01 Save Button :Click  to save the changes made by user.


bullet01 Close Button : Click to exit.