Supply Chain Management

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Supply Chain Management

Managing logistics and supply chain to deliver cost efficient and timely services is important to the success of a business. Extensive networks for global marketplace, handling huge shipments on tight schedules, require innovative strategies at different planes to execute operations in desired manner.

Logic ERP for Logistics and supply chain management makes your business functional round the clock, with functionalities to influence operations at organizational level to boost management controls. Rich features help you to meet shipping requirements, optimize physical flow of materials, track inventory and articles, schedule purchase cycles, etc. Number of planning and analyzing modules provide powerful forecasting functionalities to streamline logistics execution processes. Indicators like client specifications, break of stock, date of delivery, and changes in production line, provide the flexibility to adhere to changing market conditions and customer needs. Smart features like self-service requisitioning, business reporting and invoicing, returns and refurbishment processing, warehousing and order processing, article movement tracking, provides dynamic controls to manage business activities.

However, handling and processing of sales orders and purchase orders take different approaches but require single integrated platform to have easy communications and data access with every concerned business entities and departments. Errors in order taking, order generation and order processing can cause huge loses which are necessary to be avoided.

Logic Enterprise is specifically designed to automate order processing, right from converting quotes to orders, to scheduling shipments, invoicing, and making financial settlements. Advanced reporting and communication functions brings real-time visibility to every business transaction, leading better collaboration between related entities with an aim to decrease costs of ordering, reduce receivables and outstanding and accelerate financial collection cycles.

Key Functionalities

  • Product Administration

    Managing complex inventory mix over large networks is challenging where much concern to the good condition of inventory becomes crucial. Logic ERP offers you the functionality to keep an efficient record of each and every product, with high accessible features to have deeper insights to product specifications from pre-defined remote profiles. It allows to you make decisions strategically sensing changes in the market requisitions. Deep business insights to product management, product handling facilitates processes like inventory classification, product assembly, refurbishment and repairs, assortment classifications and analysis, support long term planning.

    Sale of item depends on the geography as well as demography of the market. Further the market taste and preference for the product attributes like color, sizes boost the sales at the territory. LOGIC ERP features with the functionalities of allocation of item to location, state, city as well as country after a thorough study from the analytic provided by the ERP.

  • Price Control & Administration

    Price of the product with respect to freight rate is one of the most important parameter business having distributive selling points as the landing cost drastically changes as item travels from one location to others. Sometimes these prices have to be dynamically adjusted to withstand rising competitions, to introduce promotional offers, pitch inventory at lower prices to save on inventory spoilage, keeping provisions to accommodate transportation costs. Logic ERP assists you with rich features to set price elements such as prices, surcharges, discounts, taxes, freight to help to realize most profitable results.

    Revision of rate or MRP and spreading the item price to all selling points is featured benefits offered by Logic ERP. The so called and popular granule, i.e, the Multiple Price list is a key feature to define the price of items or categories of merchandise to a cluster of customers or customer. The price list may be markdown or markup as per need to business varies item to item or category to category for branch, zone, state , city or location of customers or cluster of customers again linked to exclude to tax or inclusive of taxation on item or customers.

  • Sales Management

    Assortment analysis to drive most profitable outcomes is an important functionality of Logic ERP. It enables you to figure out most profitable channels of sales for individual product. Rich features handle processes like branch transfer, stock transfer, consignment sales, and outright sales simultaneously updating databases for efficient record keeping. Dynamic access to various business reports and business documents like sale bill, delivery Challan, and sales Challan offer great assistance to effective sales management.

  • Transportation Management

    Efficient movement of cargo determines the success for your business. Logic ERP ensures timely and profitable deliveries with smart modules to figure out profits over transportation channel. It also handles Cargo and container management, bills of lading and airway bills.

    Route Plan for truck or fleet to deliver products at customer sites with most profitable and less time period is the key benefit of our offered solution.

    LR detail, waybill or airway bill entry on sales document and transporters bill booking as well as payment release is distinguished feature offered by LOGIC ERP.

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