Order Processing

All-in-one Order Processing management

Order Processing

Managers are well aware of the much important order generation and order processing. Business owners regulate and manage their operations with licit business documents that become an important source to information for overall performance analysis.

Logic Enterprises caters to your needs of effective business documents management and offers dynamic functionalities to generate and process business orders on the fly. Order processing can be of different types like, processing Sales orders generated from point of sale (POS), distributors, retailers, etc.; or as Purchase orders generated inside the business house to fulfill raw material requisitions; or as Job orders as directions to respective operating units.

However, handling and processing of sales orders and purchase orders take different approaches but require single integrated platform to have easy communications and data access with every concerned business entities and departments. Errors in order taking, order generation and order processing can cause huge loses which are necessary to be avoided.

Logic Enterprise is specifically designed to automate order processing, right from converting quotes to orders, to scheduling shipments, invoicing, and making financial settlements. Advanced reporting and communication functions brings real-time visibility to every business transaction, leading better collaboration between related entities with an aim to decrease costs of ordering, reduce receivables and outstanding and accelerate financial collection cycles.

Key Benefits

  • Dynamically maintain and track quotations.
  • Decrease ordering costs.
  • Optimized financial transactions.
  • Uninterrupted services to customers.
  • Managing receivables efficiently.
  • Generating orders dynamically.
  • Generating business analytic reports.

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