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Change Log
Release Notes December-2018 (Week 4)

New Update in Purchase Voucher Configuration Settings

New Update in Setup Sale Voucher Configuration Settings

View Report – New Update in Data Entry Grid Window

New Update in Setup Party+Item Wise Schemes

New Columns Added in Set Column Attributes Window

Release Notes December-2018 (Week 1)

Multi Credit Card Payment Feature Added in Sale Bill Payment Window

New Update in Customer + Item Wise Sale History Form

Party Groups Option Added in Branch+Party+Item Group Wise Defaults

TDS Rounding Feature Added in Purchase Voucher Configuration

Release Notes November-2018 (Week 2)

New Update in Define Item Wise Price Lists Window

New Update For Making Price List Selection Mandatory

New Update in Sale Return for Managing Item Quantity

New Update for Merge Items in Sale Voucher Configuration

Automatically Retrieve Order No. & Order Date in Sale Bill

New Update in Journal Voucher Configuration

Generating Sale Order Against Retail Customer Account

Release Notes October-2018 (Week 4)

Introducing New Logic API Services

Accepting Credit Card & Cash Card at Same Time for Payment

View GST Details of New Account

Add Multiple Agents in Agent Company/Group Linking

Automatic Mapping Through Logic Account Code Introduced in Import Masters/Taxes From Excel

New Update in Sale Bill Touch Screen to Create Unique Card Number

Contra Account Name Column Added in Setup Journal Voucher Template

New Update in Setup Bill Series Section

Add Website and IFSC Code in Setup Accounts

Do Not Allow to Change Default Account Option Added in Gift Voucher Window

Change Sale Challan Financier Payment Details Form Added

Export/Import Configuration in Reports

Press F6 to Add Email Address in Account Search

New Features Added in Reports

Release Notes August-2018 (Week 4)

GSTR Account Posting in Journal Voucher

Generate Consolidated GST e-Way Bill Number

Options added in Sale Bill-Touch Screen

Option added for Godown Selection in Sale Order and Stock Replenishment

Purchase Voucher- Do not allow retrieval of items from external file if MRP is not matched with master

Agent Short Name filter and column added  in Agent Search Form

Features Addition in Reports

Release Notes August-2018 (Week 3)

New Database Backup Module Added

Option added to generate GST E-Way Bill against Job Work

New options added in GSTR configuration

Change Sale Challan  payment mode option added

Item C.F. option added in Setup Targets

Features Addition in Reports


Release Notes August-2018 (Week 1)

Feature added in Journal Voucher- Pick Tax A/c Auto from Tax Master

Option added to not allow Modification or Deletion in Bank Receipt, Bank Payment and Journal Voucher of Cleared Cheques

DL Expiry Date added in Account Search

F4 enabled to move cursor to the Quantity Column

Features Addition in Reports



Release Notes July-2018 (Week 4)

SEZ (Special Economic Zone)  handling option added

Preview option added in GSTR3B Report

Features Addition in Reports

Sale Bill Preview option for Series in Web Added in Sale Bill Printing

Missing Cheque/Receipt Number option added for Bank Payments

Release Notes July-2018

Dashboard Module Added in LOGIC

Define Input/Output Account Types for Tax Accounts

New Features Added in Stock Replenishment

New Scanning Options Added in Physical Stock Verification Of PUV

Print Barcode after Save option Added in Purchase Voucher and Purchase Challan

Features Added in GST Returns

New option added to Prompt for Lots in Packing Slip- Delivery Order

Settings to Allow Discount Coupons and Gift Voucher from Local DB when Remote DB Settings Done

New Columns Added in Purchase Order and Purchase Indent

Branch Wise Transporter Defined in Setup Transporter

User Column added in Column Attributes of Sale Order

Rebuild Index Button added to Repair Corrupted indexes in LOGIC Update Manager

New Columns Added in Cash/ Bank Voucher Search Form

Account Entry Search Added in Sale Bill Search Form

Features Addition in Reports

Release Notes June-2018

User Wise Back Date Entry and Modification Locking

Production Receipts -Do Not affect Stock Setting in Purchase Voucher

New Features Added in Item wise Schemes

Bill To/ Ship To Settings in LOGIC

Filter Option Added in Setup Tax Types Sale/Purchase

Option added to Allow Item selection in Purchase Challan Reterival

Release Notes May-2018

Party+Item Group Default for PL Element Log Report

Bundling Option added in Production

Financier Details option added in Sale Challan

Generate Credit Note for Scheme against Sale

Stockist to Retailer Online Stock Transfer Module Added

Release Notes Feb-2018

Incomplete scheme notification feature added in Scheme Campaign.

Discount coupon and Gift Voucher can now be issued on the basis of Scheme Campaigns

Branch Selection added in Scheme Campaign

Branch + User wise discount limit authorisation in Sale Bill

SMS option added in Dot Net Print Designer

Error comes when multiple items deleted from Sale Bill.

Scheme campaign calculation algorithm optimised for better performance

Additional GST validations added in Sale and Purchase module so that user do not enter wrong taxes in bills