Discount Coupon Templates

Now its possible to issue Discount Coupons and Gift Vouchers on the basis of scheme campaign. You can define Discount Coupon /Gift voucher Templates and allocate these templates to Scheme Campaign slabs. Coupons will be issued as per the criteria defined in the template if the bill is qualified for the associated campaign.

Discount coupon templates let you create customized templates with a lot of options. Some of the common options for template creation of templates are

–Expiry Days: Coupon expiry days from the date of issue
–Recurring Coupons: Next coupon start date will be expiry date + 1 day from the previous coupon
–Implement on the Fresh stock: Coupon will be implemented on fresh stock only
–Cashback: Coupon will be generated in the form of cash back
–Start Days: After how many days from the date of issue coupon will be available for redemption
–DNI if the discount coupon exists: Template will not be implemented if a coupon is already redeemed in the bill

How to implement this functionality

Main Menu> Setup> Setup Accounts> Setup Customer Database> Setup Customer Discount Template


How to implement in Scheme Campaign?

To implement Discount Templates, open Scheme Campaign Slab Details.

Setup> Configurations> Setup Scheme Campaign Slab Details

Define the campaign slabs for your Scheme Campaign in the usual way. You will see a column for Discount Coupons Template Name. Hit the spacebar and select the template you want to issue with this slab and enter the number of coupons to be issued in the next column. Press Enter and click on ‘Save’ button.

Verify functionality of the slab in Sale Bill screen.


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