Job Worker Bill Feature Addition in Purchase Voucher without Stock Effect.

In Production, specially for Job work / Outsourced production processes, there was an intense need by accounts for control over job worker’s bill against specific production process / job order with qty and rate so as to restrict loopholes for repeated bills from job workers against same work, mistakes in passing bill for excess qty or qty not received or depending upon the data provided by production staff, and after taking so much of pain again accounts department had to spend time for its manual cross verification with department which was tedious process and it was completely manual and user depended on process.

Now, we have an option where we can have proper control over the job worker’s bill against job order taking into consideration its quantity and rate by maintaining its pendency. Also while passing this entry TDS effects will also be handled as per requirements.

Normally, once any job work is given we receive challan against job order which we enter in production receipt which can be multiple against single job order process outsourced, afterward job worker use to send job workers bill against the challan and payment is to be cleared for the same by accounts department.

This whole process is now properly handled by new feature addition in Purchase Voucher in retrieval option: Production Receipt without stock effect. For details please check below-mentioned screenshots for more clarity.

  • Create Job Work Purchase series in Purchase Voucher.


  • Enter the Supplier/ Job worker name for which bill is to be generated. Go to Retrieve Option and select “Production Receipt (without stock effect)” by this retrieval stock will not be added. This entry is meant for bill generation purpose with control over qty and rate against job order.


  • Once you enter Supplier / Job worker name, his pending production challan against which bill is not generated will show in the list, here in search window you can also select job order or item as required to shortlist the challan list.


  • After selecting multiple challans, they will be retrieved with quantity & rate as entered in Production receipts, here we can edit qty and rate if required.


  • After retrieval, you can select TDS Details for Job worker, for this TDS accounts needs to be linked with Job worker account.


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