Feature Addition for Bundle Creation Process – Production

Bundle Creation Process – Production:

Especially in Undergarment Production units, Bundle movement processes are observed, where finished garments are made in sets/packing of 3, 6 and 12 or as required. Before cutting there is a process which will give average no. of pcs which can be made from fabric but this process is usually not defined as a part of production as it is computerized.

Initially Fabric is issued to Cutting department and the output is in form of Bundles, this bundles are given unique numbers and kept on cutting floor, this bundle are then filled with other raw materials/ accessories required in stitching processes and once all raw materials are completed they are sent to stitching department.

Employees are given bundles and they do their processes and keep the pcs in bundles, usually bundle are never left incomplete by employees, when their bundle is completed they pass on the bundle to other person and by this way bundles move till last employee where all required processes are done on pcs. Afterwards it is moved to other processes.

Feature Addition Options In module are as below:-

  • Bundles can be created at any process only once, and it will work only if all processes including bundle processes are defined as sequential.

Bundle Making Process after Cutting for completing bundle before moving to stitching department

  • Bundle Lot numbers setting in Receipt against Issue form.

  • Fabric Issue to Cutting department ( input is Fabric and output will be Bundles )

  • While Receipt entry when we click on Add Issue following screen for Bundle Entry is opened (this screen will open in Process where we have allowed bundle creation ).

  • We can manually enter Bundle QTY and also we can enter QTY of Set for all items to gather by Pressing F2 key. (For example bundle for 12 qty each is generated below). Here Lot Number is Bundle No.

  • We also have option, that until & unless complete stock for raw materials is not available Bundles cannot be issued to next process, as if they are issued in Line for process they will be hold if raw materials is not completely present. ( In raw material issue F8 option configuration for complete raw material issue is added).

  • Once Bundles are created, from next process Bundle no wise entry will continue till end.

  • Payroll entries of worker Bundle wise work done, Here we also have option to link sub processes with employees and enter their piece rate which will automatically come here, if needed we can change it for specific lot.

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