Features Addition in Reports

New Columns added in Reports: Reports are one of the most integral part of our software. We try our best to make the necessary changes understanding the unique demands of your business. Below written are new columns added in reports this month.

  1. Extra Party Group Filter added in Party Wise Sale/Collection/Balance Report.
  2. First Bill Time,Last Bill Time added in User Wise Utilization Report.
  3. System Voucher No. introduced in Journal.
  4. Lot Bill No and Lot Pur Date included in Purchase Register Detailed – Cross Tab.
  5. Cancel Order amount, Cancel Order Qty. added in Pending Sale Order Report.
  6.  Filter Option In Configuration For Journal Purchase/Purchase Docs Only added in Purchase Tax Register.
  7. Item Wise New Columns Lot Number , Free Quantity introduced in Account Wise Daily Sale Report.
  8. External Filter For Other Agent column added in Branch + Item Wise Hourly Sales Analysis.
  9. Extra Item Groups ,Export GRN Number,Remarks-1,Transport Name,Remarks-2,Remarks-3,Export Item MRP,Export Item Name W/O Shade columns added in Branch Wise Stock Transfer Reconciliation.
  10. Item Code,Additional Item Code,Item Name W/O Shade,Extra Item Groups added in Item Wise Rate Change History Report.
  11. Pvt Mark, Retail Customer address-1,Retail Customer address-2,Retail Customer State columns added in Sale Register -Cross Tab.
  12. Running Balance, Debit Amount & Credit Amount In Other Currency columns added in Ledger Report.
  13. Agent Name column added in Sale Order Analysis Report.
  14.  Bin External Filter added in Branch Wise Free Stock Against Reserve/DO Allocation.
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