Introducing New Logic API Services

New API Activation Feature

LOGIC ERP has introduced two new API services which are as follows:
2. Logic Cloud Storage API

If you want to validate GSTIN directly from GSTN Portal, then you have to activate GSTN API first. You can also generate GST E-Way Bills from within the Software. On the other hand, with Logic Cloud Storage API service, you can easily backup and recover your data from cloud storage. As a business owner, it is an essential service that you must implement in your business for ensuring the safety of your data. You can check the Logic API plans to use GSTN and Cloud Storage services.

To choose your plan, follow the given steps:

Step-1 Go to LOGIC ERP website & login to your Logic Account.

Step-2 Click on “Manage APIs.”

Step-3 Now, you can select your API plans for GSTN and Logic Cloud Storage.

Step-4 Click on Activate API.

Logic APIs

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