View GST Details of New Account

View GST Details of New Account: You can now view the GST details of customer. It will be beneficial for you to review GST details of the party.

Open Setup New accounts. Create or open an account for Customer. Click on Other Details button. In the address details tab, you will see a button to View GST No. Details Online. Click on it.


GST API License key is needed to view GST No. If you don’t have an API Key, you will not be able to find any details of GST.


How to connect to Logic API Key?

Click on GST Returns. Select GST Return Type as GSTR-1. Click on Configuration button. GST Return Configuration window will appear on your screen. Click on Pick Distance From API and Click on Other settings.  Enter API Key, Logic user ID, Logic User Password, EWB User Id and EWB User Password. Click on save button.



LOGIC API Key will be provided by LOGIC.

If you have entered API Key, GSTIN will be displayed.


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