New Update in Define Item Wise Price Lists Window

New Update to Display Price List

LogicERP has introduced a new column in “Define Item Wise Price Lists” window i.e., “Markdown is Zero.” You will notice two new options in it:

1. Return Base Rate: To return the base rate of the item.

2. Return Zero Rate: To return Sale Rate zero, when item not defined in the Price List Group.

New Column in Price List

When you select the Return Zero Rate option, you will not be able to generate the bill for the items which are not in Price List Group. You will get the following message:

Price List

As you can see that the Sale Rate of  No.-4 Item is 0. It’s because it does not belong to any Price List Group. So the message appears on the screen, “Enter Rate.” It will notify you that to continue further, you need to include the item in Price List group.

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