New Update In Sale Return For Managing Item Quantity

Updation in Customer + Item Wise Sale History Form

In the Sale Return Window, a new update implemented for “Customer + Item Wise Sale History.” There are two columns to keep the items quantity level in check:

1. Adjust Quantity

2. Balance Quantity

One key feature in this update is that you can’t increase the item quantity than it’s actual quantity. Whenever you will insert the quantity more than its total quantity, a prompt window will appear warning you about the exceeding quantity. It will prevent you from inserting the wrong input.

For Example, the Sale quantity for NGST-89 in the given image is 30 and Return is 20. Here:

-> 20 is your Adjust Quantity

-> 10 is your Balanced Quantity

You can’t increase the actual quantity of the item more than 30.Sale Return Lot Number Update

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