New Columns Added in Set Column Attributes Window

New Update in Set Column Attributes Window

To understand this feature thoroughly, let’s take the example of Sale Bill. The figure below will give you an insight of the columns displayed in the Sale Bill Window:

Sale Bill Window

You can see that two new columns added in the Set Column Attributes window:

Set Column Attributes

1. Do Not Show Column: Tick this option to hide the “Company Name” column from the list.


The main purpose of this option is to display the column attribute in the data entry grid reports, no matter if it’s hidden in the Sale Bill window. After Selecting this option, the Company Name will be displayed in the Report, although it’s hidden in the Sale Bill Window.

2. Do Not Allow Data Entry: Tick this option to prevent the user from entering or editing details in the “Item Name” column.

Sale Bill

You will notice that the Company Name column is hidden from the list, and you can’t edit or insert item details in the Item Name column.

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