SQL Server 2017 Express Edition Installation

SQL Server 2017 Express Edition installation comprises of two parts:

  1. Database Engine installation
  2. Management Studio installation

SQL Server 2017 is compatible with Windows 10 or Later Operating Systems. For lower version Operating system, please install compatible SQL Server version with same installation steps.

***To download the resources, log in to your LOGIC account by clicking Here***

SQL Database Engine installation

Step-1 Right-click the Database Engine setup and run it as administrator.


A dialogue box will appear on the screen. Click on Yes button to proceed.

Step-2 SQL Server Installation Center will open. Click on ‘New SQL Server stand-alone installation” option as shown in the figure below:


Step-3 Now, accept the license terms and click on Next button.


Click on Next button.


Click on Next button to install setup files.


Step-4 In the instant features section, select the important features as highlighted in the picture below:


After selecting the recommended features, click on Next button.

Step-5 Now set the instance name of the server. Then, click on the Next button.


Check the server configuration and click on Next button.


Step-6 Select the Mixed Mode in Database Engine Configuration and set the password for SQL server administrator account.

***Make sure SQL Server Administrator Account is specified. If not, then click on the Add Account button to add a new admin account.***


Click on the Next button to proceed.

The installation process will begin. Wait for it to complete.


The SQL Database Engine installation will complete. Make sure that every feature installed successfully.


SQL Server Management Studio Installation

After installing the Database Engine, the next step is to install the Management Studio.

Step-1 Right-click the Management Studio setup and run it as administrator.


Step-2 Click on Install button.


Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio installation will begin.


SQL Server Management Studio installation completed.


Next, you have to check whether your Management Studio is working properly or not. To check it’s working, start the SQL Server Management Studio.


Step-2 Enter the SQL Server details in order to connect to the server.


Your Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio is ready to use.

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