How to Change Date-Time Format in IIS on Windows 10?

Updating Date-Time Format in IIS

Follow the given steps to update the Time & Date format in IIS on Windows 10:

Step-1. Go to the search bar & search for Control Panel.
Step-2. Open Control Panel.

Search Control Panel

Step-3. Click on Region Option.

Click on Region Option

Step-4. In the Region Tab, click on Additional Settings.

Click on Additional Settings

Step-5. Change the date & time format in dd/MM/yy format and click on ‘OK’ button.

Customize Format

Step-6. Now, go to Administrative Tab, and click on the Copy Settings button.

Click on Copy Settings

Step-7. Select the two options under “Copy your current settings to:” option & click on OK button.

Copy Your Current Settings

Step-8. Now, Logoff and Login to your system, or you can restart the computer.

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