How to Setup LogicMobile POS on Windows 10?

System Requirements

->Dot Net Framework 4.5 should be installed on the machine for running Mobile POS.
->IIS (Internet Information Services) should be installed on the machine.
->SQL Server as a backend database.

For IIS installation help, please refer the following link:


Installing Logic Mobile POS on Windows 10

Step-1 Download LogicMobilePOS setup from the following link:

Download Logic Mobile POS in .zip format

Download Logic Mobile POS in .exe format

Step-2 Right-click on the step up and click on “Run as Administrator” to begin the installation process.

LogicMobilePOS setup

Step-3 Select the installation path and click on “Install” Button.
(e.g. You want to install a website in ‘D:\websites\mobilepos’ folder, then enter the path or click on browse button)

Select Installation Path


Do not give space when entering installation path. Also, do not Close the application until next window opens automatically.

Step-4 After the installation complete, Logic Website Activate/Update Manager will appear. Click on ‘Yes’ button to start the installation process automatically.

Start Installation Process Automatically

Wait for the installation process to complete:

Installation Process

Step-5 A message box will appear asking for your confirmation to ‘Setup New Website’.

**Read this step carefully:

-To Setup, a new website on IIS, Click on NO
-For linking the existing website, Click on YES

Setup New Website

Step-6 If you want to set up a new website, then enter the ‘Website Properties’ as shown in the figure below:

Website Properties

Fill the following details:
1. Enter site name and pool name.
2. Select the Physical Path to install the website.
3. Enter hostname.


Hostname is the domain name which you will use to access your website. If you have purchased a domain for POS Application from some domain provider the enter the name of that domain. If you don’t have a domain and want to access the website over the LAN(Local Area Network) only then enter any domain name (like or If you use your company name, do not include spaces or any special character. Try to keep hostname unique so that no other person should enter the same name.

4. Define the Protocol, IP address, and port number.


Tick the ‘Enable 64 Bit Application’ button if 64-Bit Windows 10 installed in your computer.

Website Setup Completion

Step-7 Now, click on Login Button and enter your LOGIC login ID and Password.


Client Details will appear on the screen:

Client Details

Step-8 Click on ‘Activate Product’ button to enter your product key details.


Step-9 Now, Click on the ‘Edit Configuration’ button.


Step-10 In the ‘Configuration Setting’ window, enter the following details:
1. Application Services
2. Website Path: Define the physical path of the website.
3. Current URL: It will be the Host Name you selected for your website.
4. Install Path
5. Data Path

Configuration Settings

Step-11 Click on ‘Save’ button.


Go to ‘ApplicationServices’ and press spacebar on your keyboard. The following window will open:


Step-12 Allow Access to the website over a network. For accessing the website over the network, you need to add an entry in hosts file. There are two methods for adding the entry in the host’s file in Windows Computer:

1. Manual Entry, or
2. Generate Host Editor for automatic entry
You have to use only one method that you find suitable.

Manual Entry:

To Manually add an entry in the host file. Follow the steps given below:
->Right-click on Notepad & click on Run as Administrator.


->In the notepad, go to ‘File’ option & click on the ‘Open’ button. Now, Enter the path of the File: C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc

Enter File Path

->Change the filter from *.txt to All Files.

All Files Filter

->Select hosts file.

Select Hosts File

->Add the following line in the host file:
IPAddress domain name
For example:

Adding IP Add & Domain Name

->Now, save the file and open the website in a browser.

Generate Hosts Editor for Auto Entry:

->Double-click on ‘Website (__) is Running and Online’ option as shown in the figure below:

Double Click to generate Host Editor

->Enter the Host Name and IP Address and click on Generate button.

Generate Host Editor

->A dialogue box will appear asking for your confirmation. Click ‘Yes‘.

Confirm window

->Now, go to the path where your Hosts Editor file is generated. It will be saved by the name of ‘hosteditor.exe’. With this file, you can run your website in any system. All you need to do is provide your ‘hosteditor.exe’ file to the user. They can run this file to access the website.

Exe path file


There will be another file with the name ‘hostedit.exe’ in the same folder. Do not use that file. Only use ‘hosteditor.exe’ file.

Make sure you enable user login in LOGIC Mobile POS. To know how you can do that, please follow the following link:


When you try to open your website in the browser, there are chances that it might not open due to the wrong date and time format. To change the date-time format in IIS, click the link below:


If you want any help regarding this matter, you can contact our support team at

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