Approve Documents via Logic Mobile App

Now you can approve the documents via LOGIC Mobile App also. There are two options added to the Setup Approvals window. These options will let you approve the documents via your LOGIC ERP App. To enable these options, follow the given steps:

->In the Setup Approval, Select the Events. Allocate the User.
->Right-Click on the event and then click on Approval Settings.
->Approval Required for” window will open. Go to Other Settings. There you will find two options:

1. Allow Approval using the LOGIC ERP App: Tick this option to enable document approval via the LOGIC ERP Mobile App.
2. Required Signature for Approval: By selecting this option, the user will have to do their signature on the approval request that they will receive on the Mobile App.

Document Approval Settings

Make sure to allocate the users to the event. The allocated users will be shown under the event. See the following figure:


Click here to know How to enable users to receive requests on the LOGIC Mobile App?

Starting Logic Event Tracking Service Manager

For receiving the request on the Mobile App, first, you need to install and start the Logic Event Tracking Service Manager.


Make sure that you are using the Administrator account to access the Windows in your computer system. Also, your system must be Password protected. You will require the admin password to install the event tracking service.

To start event tracker, follow the given steps:

Step-1 Go to the Drive in which your LOGIC software is installed and click on Common folder.

Step-2 Right-Click on the LogicEventTrackingServiceManager setup icon and run it as Administrator. Logic Event Tracker window will open. Click on “+” sign to add the company, for which you want to enable tracking service.


Step-3 Company Selection window will open. Tick the company you want to add to the event tracking list.


Step-4 Now, click on Install Services Icon.


Step-5 Click on the “Yes” button to confirm the installation request.


Step-6 Enter the Administrator password of the window running in your computer system.



If your system isn’t password protected, the service will not install. Also, the user should be the Admin of the system.


You can Stop or Resume the service from Logic Event Tracker.



You can install the service in any one of your machines. The recommended system is Data Server. Also, it must have internet connectivity to install and run the tracking service.

Receiving Requests on Mobile App

After you enable users to receive a request on the mobile app, they can easily approve them. The user will receive the requests on the LOGIC mobile app in the following format:


If you select the “Required Signature for Approval” option, then approval request will display in the following format:

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