How to Enable User Login in LOGIC Mobile POS?

Steps to Enable User Login

Step-1 After downloading the ‘EnableCloudSettingsInLogicAdmin’ file, right-click on it and then click on “Merge” option.


A dialogue box will appear asking your permission to make changes on your device. Click on ‘Yes‘ button, and then again click on ‘Yes‘ button to continue.


Step-2 Now, open Logic Admin and click on ‘Manager User Accounts‘.


A user Administration window will open, displaying all the user accounts.


Step-3 Right-click on the user for which you want to enable User-Login in LOGIC Mobile POS. Go to Pin Settings and select ‘Settings‘ option.



In case if any user account get blocked, then you can unblock it by clicking on ‘Unblock Account’ option.

Step-4 A Pin Settings window will appear. Enable Allow PIN Login option. Fill the following details:

->PIN Number: Set the PIN number for the user account, and re-enter it in Confirm PIN text-box.
->Login Attempts: You can specify the number of times a user can enter the wrong password. If he/she exceeds the limit, the account will get automatically blocked.
->Company: Select the company you want to assign to the user.
->Branch: Select the Branch.
->Store: This option is optional.


Step-5 Now, open your Logic Mobile POS in your mobile or PC.


Step-6 Enter the ‘User Name’ and ‘Password’.


The following window will appear:



My Menu will have to be configured for the user. Also, Main Menu will not be visible on Mobile POS.

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