Packs (Update UT/Pack) Attribute added in Set Column Attributes Window

New Update in Set Column Attributes Window

A new column attribute i.e., Packs(Update UT/Pack) added in Set Column Attributes window. It will enable you to adjust the Units/Pack quantity.

Packs-Update UT-Pack

What did it do?

Let us suppose you have an item named “Shampoo”. Its Total Qty is 24, and Pack (Update UT/Pack) is 2. When you will enter these values, the Unit/Pack value will become 12. It means that there are 12 units of Shampoo per pack.

Adjusting Units Per Pack Value

You can also use external file (Text, Excel, etc.) if you have any to insert these details. See the following figure to select your external file:

Retrieve File from external source

In the configuration settings of Import Barcodes Configuration, enter the Packs (Update UT/Pack) field No. and click on OK Button.

Import Barcodes from Test File

Select the ‘File Path’ and click on ‘Refresh’ button. The details of the item will get displayed. Now, click the OK button to continue.

Importing Details

You will notice that the item details imported successfully from the external text file.

Details imported successfully

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