Quantity As Gross Quantity Option Added in Sale Voucher Configuration

Now you can adjust the Gross Quantity Value in the Sale Voucher Configuration when generating the Sale Bill of the items. A new option i.e., Quantity As Gross Quantity added in “Setup Sale Configuration” window to adjust Gross Quantity Change value.

Quantity As Gross Quantity

How does this option work?

For example, you have an item whose Total Qty you entered is 10 and its Shortage(%) is 20. Now, when you will enter the Shortage(%) value manually, the Gross Qty will get updated automatically. No change will occur in Total Qty value.

Gross Qty Value

If you want to set Shortage Percentage value for the items, then there’s another new option added i.e., “Shortage Value as” option. You can set Shortage Value for the item as “per pack, percentage, and per unit”.

Shortage Value As option Added

By doing these settings, you don’t have to manually enter Shortage(%) value. It will automatically update pick the value that you set in “Shortage Value As” option. For example, in the above picture, the per pack shortage value of the item for “PCS” is set to .6. It means its Shortage(%) will be 60.  For Pack/Size of 26 & 28, the Shortage Value is set as Percentage, whose values are 10  & 20 respectively. See the picture below to clarify your doubts:

Shortage-Value -As-option

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