Changes in Lot Purchase Scheme Implementation in Sale Bill

New updates in Purchase Voucher Window

In the Purchase Voucher window, two new column attributes added and some changes have been made in scheme functionality for displaying the Prod Unit value of the items.

The new column attributes are:

  1. Sale Scheme Qty.
  2. Sale Scheme Free Qty.

Changes in Purchase Voucher Free Scheme (%) Functionality

In the configuration settings of Purchase Voucher, when you set the “Free Scheme(%) As” value to “Free Qty or TD“, then it will affect the Prod Unit value in following ways:

Case-1 Let us suppose you entered Total Qty of item 10 & Free Units 2. Then the Prod Unit value will be “5+1 Sch:16.67%“, where Scheme Percentage is 16.67, Sale Scheme Qty is 5, and Sale Scheme Free value is 1.


Case-2 Enter the Sale Scheme Qty and Sale Scheme Free values for the item. Make sure not to enter Free Qty value. In the Prod Unit, the scheme percentage will be applied according to Sale Scheme Qty and Sale Scheme Free values. Even when you enter the Free Units value, it will not affect the scheme% of Prod Unit column attribute.


Case-3 When you enter the Total Qty and T.D. value for the item, then the Sale Scheme Qty, Sale Scheme Free and Prod Unit values will get updated. The Scheme % will be based upon the T.D. value you inserted.


In case you don’t apply any Free Scheme on the items, then it will automatically apply the Scheme type from “Enter Item Other Details” when generating the Sale Bill.


New updates in Sale Voucher Configuration Window

In the Sale Voucher Configuration settings, new options added in the ‘Lot Free Scheme As‘ category:

  1. Free Qty-Inclusive
  2. Free Qty-Exclusive
  3. Free Qty-Exclusive + Scheme Rs

Implementation in Sale Bill

Case-1 Let us suppose you select the Free Qty-Inclusive option, and in Enter Item Other Details window, you have applied Half-Scheme on the item.


Now, select the item in the Sale Bill and the LOT number on which normal scheme is applied when you made the Purchase Bill.

***Let us take Case-1 of Purchase Voucher window as an example from above.***

In Case-1 of Purchase Voucher, we applied 5+1 Sch: 16.67% free scheme value on the item. Now, in the Sale bill, when you will insert Total Qty as 3 and press enter, then it will automatically become 2.5 and 0.5 will get adjusted as Free Units value. It means that in case of Free Qty-Inclusive, the Scheme was applied to 3 Units of the item. When you will insert values less than 3, then the scheme will not apply.


Case-2 Now, set Lot Free Scheme As Free Qty-Exclusive in Sale Voucher Configurations. In this case, the free scheme will also work with 2.5 units of the Total Qty of the item.


When you will insert 2.5 as Total Qty, then 0.5 units will get adjusted as Free Units automatically. But when you will put less value less than 2.5, it will not work.

Case-2 Now, set Lot Free Scheme As Free Qty-Exclusive+Scheme in Sale Voucher Configurations. In this case, when you will enter 2.5 as Total Qty, then 0.5 of Free Units will get adjusted as Scheme(RS).

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