New Update in Sale Bill-Touch Screen Functionality

Earlier, when you create a new customer in Sale Bill-Touch Screen window, it will get generated in “Setup Retail Customer“. But now, when you will insert Customer GST No. along with other details, then the customer account will automatically generate in “Setup New Account” also.

**Make sure to insert GST Number while doing so**

Sale Bill-Touch Screen


When you will check the Header Details, it will automatically pick the Customer Name you created with GST number.

What does it do?

When you will check the customer account details in Setup New Accounts, you will notice that the new customer account is automatically created that you generated in Sale Bill-Touch Screen window.


Also, when you will try to change the GST No. of the customer in Setup New Account, it will not have any effect on customer details in Sale Bill-Touch Screen. The GST No. details of the customer will not change. If you want to change the customer’s GST No., then you have to do that on Sale Bill-Touch Screen window.

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