View Real time informative data in form of widgets

Now you can display widgets which show real time informative data related to products, accounts customers etc. during entry in various screens. You can also control how data is displayed to different set of users.

To configure widgets in you application, please refer following steps

Setup Widget Templates

The first step is to create the template. To know how it works, follow the given steps:

Step-1 Open Setup Widget Templates window, and enter the template name. Now, Press space bar on your keyboard to edit the template.


Step-2 Setup Widget Configuration window will open. First, select the module type, for example, Sale.


Step-3 Now, select the Widget Type, for example, “Items.


Step-4 To enable the widget, press spacebar on your keyboard and mark it as shown in the figure below. Select the configuration from the list. The list of widgets with their descriptions will appear. You can choose which widgets you want to appear when creating the sale bill for the items.


Click the Save button.

The list of widgets will be different for every widget type. For example, in the picture below, for Account widget type, there are only 4 widget options that you can make appear in Sale bill.

***Let us suppose you enabled Customer/Supplier Information & Party Ledger widgets.***


The figure below is about the Sales Summary widget type. It will display the complete summary of the sales made for the items.


Click the Save button.

Step-5 After saving the widget configuration, go back to the Setup Widget Templates window. Press Enter key on your keyboard to move the cursor to the next row. Then click on the Save button to apply the changes.


Allocate Widget Templates to User

The next step is to allocate widget templates you created to the user. Follow the given steps to allocate widget templates to the user:

Step-1 Open the Allocate Widget Templates to User window. Under user name column attribute, press Spacebar on your keyboard to select the user name from the User Search window.


Step-2 Now select the template from the list and press Enter key on your keyboard.


Click on Save button to apply the changes.


You can assign single template to multiple users, but you can’t assign multiple templates to a single user.

***Restart your LOGIC Software to apply the changes.***

How does it work?

When the user will log in to his/her LOGIC Software and Open the Sale Bill, he/she will notice the Sale Summary getting displayed in the Widgets section. It is because you enabled Sale Summary widget in Step-4 of Setup Widget Templates.


Select the billing series, enter the party details. You will see the Customer/Supplier Information and Party Ledger widgets displaying the information related to the customer or supplier.


Click on the Item Details button to enter the details of the item. Now, when you will enter the item details, then the widget’s window will display the details related to that particular item. As you can see in the picture below that the Product Information widget is showing item details, extracted from the Item Directory. The ‘Party/Item Transactions-Purchase‘ widget is displaying the purchase and transaction details of the item. 


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