Retail Margin on MRP Column Attribute added in Data Entry Grid of Sale Bill

In the ‘Setup Column Attributes‘ of Sale Bill, a new column attribute has been added i.e., “Retail Margin on MRP“.

For calculating the Retail Margin, the Sale Bill of the item will be subtracted from MRP, then divided by MRP. The outcome will be then multiplied with 100, which will give you the Retail Margin on MRP value for the item.

((MRP-Sale Bill)/MRP)*100


To make this work, first, you have to enable Display Profitability in Bill option in the Sale Voucher Configuration as shown in the figure below:


Retail Margin(%)

There’s another column attribute i.e. Retail Margin(%) to display the percentage value of profitability. For calculating Retail Margin(%), the Sale Rate value will get subtracted from Purchase Rate. Then, it will be divided with Sale Rate value. The outcome will then multiply with 100, which will give you Retail Margin(%) value for the item.

((Sale Rate-Purchase Rate)/Sale Rate)*100


But first, you have to set Purchase Rate in the Sale Voucher Configuration settings. 

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