LOGIC Cloud-Cloud Based ERP Application for SMEs: Customer Portal

Introducing LOGIC Cloud, cloud-based ERP application for SMEs. Its a self serviced cloud based ERP application where customers can manage Subscriptions, Product Licenses, Resources, etc.

  1. SaaS based ERP for small & medium enterprises such as retail and distribution.
  2. No need for infrastructure setup.
  3. Add or remove the licenses anytime you want.
  4. The application is hosted on Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform.
  5. You can upgrade or downgrade the application anytime.
  6. LOGIC cloud application comes with ‘Pay as You Go‘ model.
  7. It has integrated backup and recovery solution.
  8. It offers 99.99% infrastructure up time.
  9. You can use this application anywhere and anytime.
  10. Pre-configured templates that are easy to setup.

How to Access LOGIC Cloud Application: Customer Login

The application comes with 2 Portals:

In order to access the customer portal, follow the given steps:

Step:1 Go to the LOGIC Cloud web login. Enter the email id and password with which you are registered at LOGIC ERP. Then click on ‘Sign In‘ button.


The LOGIC Cloud application dashboard will open, as shown in the picture below:


The dashboard offers multiple functionalities, such as:

Step:2 Manage Subscription: Yo can create any number of subscriptions you want. A subscription holds a set of of resources which works together and share same plan. A Subscription can be referred to as a service contract. It authorize you to access Logic Cloud Services. You can use the resources inside a subscription only if your subscription is active and you do not have any outstanding to pay. You will be billed per subscription.

***In case you have multiple subscription, then the billing will also be different for every subscription and its services.***


->Subscription ID: The subscription id will always be unique.

->Subscription Title: You have to enter title name, which is mandatory. Also, it should be unique.

->Plan: You have to select the plan for your subscription.

->View Plans: Here, you can view the subscription plans, and select according to your choice.


->Upfront Charges: In this case, you can buy the product license by paying one time product license cost. After that, you only have to pay infrastructure charges based on the subscription plan you select and number of licenses.

When you ‘Subscribe as Upfront User’, you receive a call from LOGIC support team for activation of you subscription.

You will receive a link in your mail id with which you are registered at LOGIC. You have to click on the link in order to activate the subscription.

After clicking the Save button, the subcription will get added and displayed on Manage Subscription window.

Step:3 Manage Resource Group: In this window, you can make N-number of resource groups under a single subscription. Every resource group will have its own set of products and users. Every resource group works independent of the others. i.e. if you have multiple resource groups, then you cannot use resources in one resource group in another resource group.

***If you have multiple resource groups in a single subscription, the billing will be same for all of them. They all have same renewal date as per your plan. You don’t have to pay separately for every resource group added.***


How to create resource group

->Subscription: Select the subscription under which you want to create a resource group.

->Resource Group Name: It should be unique under selected subscription.

->Alias Name: It should be unique. There should not be any whitespace or special charater except ‘_‘.

->LOGIC Admin Password: It is required to create resource group. You cannot access LOGIC Admin without this password.

->Supervisor User Password: It is required to create resource group. You cannot use Software Supervisor’s User without setting supervisor password.

->Allow Access: The access code is needed when someone has to access your software settings. You can generate Access code when the resource group is already created.

After clicking the Save button, the resource group will get added and displayed on Manage Resource Group window.

Step:4 Manage License: In this window, you can manage the License you purchase. The charges will be according to the Subscription plan you chose.


->Order Status: The order status will depend on whether you have made the payment or not. In case the payment is pending, then order status will be shown “Pending,” and when the payment is made, it will show “Complete.”

The following picture shows how you can add the License details:


->Subscription: Select the subscription for which, you want to place the order.

->Resource Group: Select the resource group for which, you want to place the order.

->Add Product: By clicking on this button, you can add the product which you want to buy.


->Surrender License: In case you want to surrender your license i.e., you want to stop the service for any product, then you can do so by Clicking on Surrender License Button.

Firstly, in the Manage License window, select the ‘License‘ you want to surrender. Then Click on ‘Surrender License‘ button displayed on the ‘top right corner of the screen.’ After that, ‘Available License Detail‘ window will open in ‘new tab.’ Now, follow the steps displayed in the picture below:


Step:5 Manage Companies: You can submit company creation request here. See the picture below of how you can submit company setup request:


Step:6 Manage Users: This window enables you to create new login users for the software.


->Subscription: You have to choose the subscription in order to create user.

->Resource Group: Select the resource group under which, you want to create user.

->Password: A user password will be needed to access LOGIC software. You can either use system generated password, or you can tick “Let Me create The Password” option to generate your own password. The User_ID and Password will get e-mailed at your registered Email-id.

->User Name: The system will automatically generate the user name.

->Let Me Create The Password: If you tick this option, you can enter your own password.

->Inactive User: After creating the user, in case you don’t want the user to access the LOGIC software anymore, then you can select this option. The user will not get permanently deleted. By de-selecting this option, you can activate the user again anytime to allow them have the access of software.

->Available License: You have to select the license that you want to assign to the user.

->Buy License: In case you haven’t purchased the License, then you can buy it by clicking this button.

After that, you have to start the App. You can do so by clicking the Start App button or click here.


For the first time, you have to login as an Administrator in order to setup your application.


Then, click on Start App button as shown in picture below:


You have to Login as an Adminstator when using App for the first time. It will enable you to grant the permission and access rights to the users according to their roles.


After loggin in, you have to select the template according to your business type. Then, your cloud app screen will open as shown in picture below:

Also, when you look into the Manage User sections of your Logic Cloud account, you will see that multiple template options as available when you have to Add or Edit users.


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