LOGIC Cloud-Cloud Based ERP Application for SMEs: Partner Portal

LOGIC has introduced its cloud-based ERP application for SMEs, where LOGIC partners can manage their clients online. It allows them to handle various functionalities such as software/services purchase, billing, etc.

How to Access LOGIC Cloud Application: Partner Login

The application comes with 2 Portals:

In order to access the partner portal, follow the given steps:

Step:1 Go to the LOGIC Cloud web login. Enter the email id and password with which you are registered at LOGIC ERP. Then tick the “Login As Partner” option and click on ‘Sign In‘ button.


The LOGIC Cloud application dashboard will open, as shown in the picture below:


As a LOGIC partner, you can manage your clients here.

Step:2 Manage Clients: You can add clients on the basis of their email-ids registered at LOGIC ERP. See the picture below about how you can add new client to the Manage Clients list:


After entering client’s email-id, when you will click on Send OTP button, the OTP will be sent to client’s mail-id. You have to ask your client to send you the OTP detail. After entering the OTP, click on Add button, and the client will be added to your Manage Clients list.

You can manage the subscriptions, and orders of your clients.  For licencing and billing, you have to co-ordinate with them.

Step:3 Manage Subscription: After adding the client, you have to manage their subscription. With this, you can add new subscription, or edit the already existing subscription. See the picture below:


->Subscription ID: The subscription id will always be unique.

->Subscription Title: You have to enter title name, which is mandatory. Also, it should be unique.

>Plan: You have to select the plan for your subscription.

->Renew Subscription: You can renew the activated susbscription with this button if the subscription is going to expire.

->View Plans: Here, you can view the subscription plans, and select according to your choice.


->Upfront Charges: In this case, your customer will have to pay One-time software charges i.e., they can officially buy the software from you. After that, they only have to pay infrastructure charges based on the subscription plan they asked you to select.

After you click on ‘Subscribe as Upfront User’, you receive a call from LOGIC support team regarding the payment process. You will receive a link in your email-id with which you are registered at LOGIC. You have to click on the link in order to activate the subscription.

Step:4 Manage Orders: You can also manage your clients order. By clicking on Manage Orders option, you can add/edit the License orders. See the picture below:


->Buy License: In order to buy new license, you have to click on Buy License button. Then, enter the product details as shown in the picture below:


->Subscription: Select the subscription for which, you want to place the order.

->Resource Group: Select the resource group for which, you want to place the order.

->Add Product: By clicking on this button, you can add the product which you want to buy.


->Surrender License: In case your client wants to surrender their license, then you can do so by Clicking on Surrender License Button.

After that, a new window will open in which Available License details will be shown. See the picture below to know how you can surrendera license:

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