Apply Discount Scheme According to Item C.F. you choose

***This update is introduced in “Setup Party + Item Group Wise Schemes” and “Item Group Wise Schemes” windows.***

Now, you can apply the discount schemes according to the conversion factor you choose with the new option added in Setup Party + Item Group Wise Schemes window i.e., “C.F. To Use.” You have to select the conversion factor for the item group here.


There’s also another option added i.e., “Implement Only If all item have same CF.” In case you have multiple items in the Sale Bill, then you can tick this option to implement discount scheme only if the CF of all the items is same.

***When ‘Implement Only If all item have same CF’ option not selected***

The following picture shows that the discount scheme implemented even though the Conversion Factor of the items is not same:


***When Implement Only If all item have same CF option is selected***


When you tick this option, you have to make sure that the items have same Conversion factor so that the discount scheme can be implemented. See the picture below:

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