Take Real time Customer Feedback at POS Counter

LOGIC has introduced its new customer feedback mobile app to record the customer’s experience.

You can take real time customer feedback at POS counter using this app.

How to Configure Feedback App

In order to use Logic Feedback App, you have to activate ‘LOGIC CRM FEEDBACK’ product key on your company as sown below. Only then you can use Setup Feedback templates.


***NOTE: The number of times you can use Feeback Template is 50 times per day.***

Navigate to 

Setup>Setup Accounts>Setup Customer Database>Setup Feedback Templates

Create a new feedback template as below.



Example Values you can define while setting up Feedback Templates

HEADER Welcome to Logic ERP
SECONDARY HEADER लॉजिक ईआरपी में आपका स्वागत है
FOOTER आने के लिए धन्यवाद
Logo Select Company Logo to be displayed(Optional)
DEFAULT IMAGE Default Image To be shown in the App if no Offer is running
TEMPLATE HEADER How was your experience with us today
SECONDARY TEMPLATE HEADER आज हमारे साथ आपका अनुभव कैसा रहा?
TEMPLATE FOOTER आपके बहुमूल्य समय के लिए धन्यवाद।
DISPLAY SECONDARY LANGUAGE Select yes if you want to display Secondary Language
OFFER 1 Select Offer Image If Required
OFFER 1 EXPIRY Date till which offer image has to be shown
  *You can Select Upto 3 Offers
MINIMUM BILL AMOUNT Feedback prompt will come of if bill amount is greater tha or equal to defined value
USE FOR RETAIL CUSTOMERS ONLY Feedback prompt will come of if retail customer is selected in bill

*For Entering  values in secondary language, you can use Google Translator and paste the translated text in desired column

*Currently you can only take 1 to 5 Rating as feedback. More options for defining customized questionnaire and send feedback surveys to customers is coming in next update of Logic




Now, go to the Sale Voucher Configuration settings. There, you have to select the Sale Bill Series for which you want to use Feedback template. Then, select the Feedback template type from the list for the selected sale bill series as displayed in the picture below:


Go to the Google Play store and install the LOGIC Feedback mobile app in your device.


Now, to use the Feedback Template, follow the given steps:

Step-1 Go to the Sale Bill & generate the QR.


Step-2 Now, go to your mobile device screen and open LOGIC Feedback app.


Step-3 Open LOGIC Feedback mobile app & click on Scan QR Code button.


In case you are running any offer, it will get displayed along with Logo, Header, and Footer as shown in the picture below:


Step-4 After scanning the code, select the items to generate the sale bill. When you will Click the Save button, the system will ask the customer to give their feedback.


You can also cancel the rating step by selecting a ‘cancel reason’ from the list.

Step-5 The feedback questionnaire will display on the mobile screen. You can ask the customer to rate their experience.


After customer is done giving rating, “Thank You” message wil get displayed on the mobile device screen.


Step-6 After receiving the feedback from the customer, it will be recorded by the LOGIC.


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