New Update to send Feedback Survey to Customer

A new update has been introduced to take customer feedback via SMS. Now, you can send an SMS link to the customer so that they can give you appropriate feedback regarding their experience of your services via their mobile phone.


To send the survey link, you have to set Feedback Type as “FeedbackAsLink” (as shown in picture below).


You can setup various questions that you would like to ask your customers. You can also setup feedback values for every question.

See the picture below:-


Now, you have to add SMS URL and SMS Body, which will consist of details regarding feedback survey.

See the picture below:-


Go to the Sale Voucher Configuration Other Settings and select the Survey Template you want to send to your customers.

See the picture below:-


Now, when you will generate a Sale Bill for a customer, then an SMS will be sent to that particular customer after saving the bill.

***Note: You have to select a retail customer as the SMS will be sent to their mobile phone.***

The SMS that the customer will recieve will be like shown in the picture below (it is just an example, you can edit the SMS body according to your requirement):


The customer will click on the link, which will re-direct them to feedback survey. Then the customer will give their valuable feedback for the questions you asked.


After clicking on submit button, a Thank You message will get displayed on their screen.

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