Setup Retail Customer + Company/Group Package Scheme window added

In the Setup Customer Database, a new window is added i.e., ‘Setup Retail Customer + Company/Group Package Scheme.’ Using this option you can sell pre-configured discount packages to Retail Customers. You can define package details using this screen. These packages will be sold to customers from billing screen. Once a package is sold successfully to a customer, he/she will gets the benefits defined in the package for the number of days defined in the package. for example, he/she will get 10% discount on a particular brand for one year.


How will it work?

After making the package scheme, in order to make this option work, you have to select an option in the global settings of LOGIC Admin i.e., ‘Allow¬†Retail Customer + Company/Group Package Scheme.’

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Now, Select a retail customer and create a Sale Bill for the package item you created in setup retail customer+company/group package scheme window.


When you will go to the ‘Setup Retail Customer + Company/Group Wise Discount‘ window, you will notice that discount scheme got created for the customer who purchased the package item of that company.


Now, whenever that customer will come and buy any item associated with that company, he/she will get the discount defined in the package.

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