Split Items Stock between Multiple Godowns in one go

Earlier, when you had to split the item quantity between multiple godowns, you need to it separately for each godown in ‘Stock Transfer – Godown Wise‘ window. As a result, it consumed a lot of your time. But now with ‘Stock Transfer Godown Wise – Multiple Godowns‘ window, you can do so in one go. In order to do so, follow the given steps:

Step-1 Go to Set Other Item Details -> Setup Stock Transfer Godown Wise Templates – Multiple Godowns.

Here, you have to setup the godown template for multiple godowns. Firstly, define the Template Name and link it with main godown from which you want to split the items to other godowns. See the picture below:


Step-2 Now go to the Template + Godown Wise Plan Quantity section to assign the items quantity to the sub-godowns. See the picture below as example:


Here, DELHI_G is main godown, and DELHI_ST_1 and DELHI_ST_2 are sub-godowns. DELHI_ITEM is the item of size M and S whose stock is to be divided between the godowns.

Now suppose you have generated a purchase bill for multiple items and allocated to the godown “DELHI_G“.


Step-3 Stock Transfer Godown Wise – Multiple Godowns is the new window added in Inventory section. Here, you can transfer the stock to multiple godowns in a single move. Firstly, set the configuration for the godown template and then, click on Purchase Voucher option to select the bill for which you want to transfer the stock to other godowns. See the given picture:


You will see that the item stock has split between DELHI_ST_1 and DELHI_ST_2 godowns as per the quantity you defined in Template + Godown Wise Plan Quantity section of Setup Stock Transfer Godown Wise Templates – Multiple Godowns window. Now click on Save button to save the voucher.

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