Power Reports Option added in LOGIC Software

LOGIC has introduced a new feature in its software i.e. Power Reports. It makes easier for users to generate reports as the previous ways of creating reports were a bit time consuming.


The following picture represents the loading screen of power reports window.


LOGIC has provided various report options in this section which are used commonly. The reports will be added to the list in the future.


User can specify the time-period for which they want the report. It can be viewed in 3 formats: Flat Report, Excel Report, Pivot Report.

Flat Report

  • ->User can view the report according to a particular toggel.
  • ->You can also add summaries in the group, which will show the total value of the particular toggles.
  • ->You can add filters in the report.

Excel Report

This option allows the user to view report in excel format.


Pivot Report

  • ->User can decide what fields they want to display in the report.
  • ->Drag the fields in four areas: filters, cloumns, rows, and values.
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