Introducing AapTak : Online ordering App

Take your business online with AAPTAK App

LOGIC has introduced an online shopping app “AapTak,” to enable consumers and shop owners to adapt to online shopping. Consumers can order any type of essential items such as medical supplies, groceries, etc., and vendors can schedule these orders for home delivery. The idea is to promote social-distancing and enable shop owners to manage and run their businesses smoothly during this pandemic through online mechanism.

How Does AapTak App Work?

Following are the steps involved in working of the App:

At Consumers’ side:

Step-1: The consumers will Download the App from the Playstore. After downloading the app, set up your account, and search for the services near you. Select the shop or store from which you want to purchase items.


Step-2: Add items to the cart that you want to purchase.


Step-3: Click on “Place Order.”


After placing the order, the ‘Thank You‘ message will appear on the consumers’ screen.


The consumer can check his/her order status in the My Orders section. After the vendor receives consumers’ orders, the order status will display ‘Waiting‘ on the consumers’ screen.


At Vendors’ Side:

Step-1: When you update your LOGIC software, you will see that the new section has been added for AapTak App, as shown in the picture below:


Step-2: You need to get AapTak Activation Key from AapTak Merchant App. To do so, firstly register at

Step-3: Now, login with your registered username in AapTak Merchant App.


Step-4:Click on Add New Branch.


Step-5: Enter the details and save them. You will get the Activation key on your registered email-id.


Step-6: Go to the ‘Activate the AapTak App‘ window to activate your branch.


Step-7: AapTak App Configuration window will enable you to set up Bill Safe Configuration by clicking on the Series Configuration button.


Step-8: Now go to the Manage AapTak Items window to manage the items that you want to display on your AapTak App.


Step-9: You can also add images for the items in the Manage AapTak Items Images window.


Step-10: You can select and download the sale challans that you receive via app in the Download AapTak Orders window.

2 download sale challan

***You can adjust the challan in the sale bill.***

Step-11: Go to the Sale Bill – Touch Screen window. Here, you will see the AapTak Order button. You can either retrieve the sale challan, or you can click on the AapTak Order button.


Step-12: When you will click on the AapTak Order button, you can create Sale Bill from Challan for the order.

4 select order

After selecting the order, the Sale Bill will get retrieved in the Home Delivery.


Step-13: Now, go to the Manage AapTak Orders window to manage your customer’s orders.

manage apptak order

Step-14: Click on the Dispatch button to dispatch the bill.

7 dispatch bill

Step-15: The last step is to settle the bill. Click on the Bill Settlement button to define the Payment & Customer Details for the sale bill.

8 payment details

After the order is ready on the Vendors’ side, he/she will update the order status to ‘Ready To Dispatch.”

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