Aaptak Business App

Logic ERP has introduced its AapTak Business Mobile App in order to facilitate the order booking between businesses. In order to know it’s working, follow the given steps:

Merchant Registration

Step-1: Go to the AapTak Business web page. Enter your registered user name/mobile number and password. Then click on the Login button.

Merchant login-1

Step-2: Your dashboard will open where you manage your branches. In order to add a new branch, click on the Add button.

Merchant login-2

Step-3: After clicking on the Add button, the Setup Branch side-window will open.

Merchant login-3

Step-4: Enter all the necessary details related to the new branch and click on the Save button.

Merchant login-4

Step-5: Now the next step is to generate the API Key. In order to do that, you have to first select the branch, and then click on the Edit button.

Merchant login-5

Step-6: Select the Allow API Access option. The API Key will be generated, which you have to enter in the Logic ERP software. Then click on the Save button.

Merchant login-6

[Note: You cannot generate API Key while creating the branch. It only works after you create a branch and then edit it.***]

AapTak Business App

For Customers

Step-1: Download AapTak Business App from the play store/app store. Then open it.

AapTak Business-1

Step-2: Enter your registered mobile number to receive an OTP in order to verify it.

AapTak Business-2

You can view your Booking Summary on the home page.

AapTak Business-3

Place the order for the items if you are running low on stock. You can also check your stock status, view orders, and reports.

AapTak Business-4

Step-3: Go to Listing if you want to add items to the cart.

AapTak Business-5

You can also view the Brands separately.

AapTak Business-6

Step-4: After adding items, go to Cart in order to Place your order.

AapTak Business-7

For FMCG vertical, the items will get displayed along with images. See the picture below:

AapTak Business-8

Click on Categories to check different categories available in FMCG.

AapTak Business-9

For Agents

Step-1: Firstly, tick the LOGIN AS AGENT option and then enter the mobile number to receive the OTP in order to verify your mobile number.

AapTak Business-10

Step-2: The agent can view its Open Bookings (the order that agents collect on its own).

AapTak Business-11

There’s also the Connected Merchants section. It will display the customers that are assigned particularly to the agent to receive orders.

AapTak Business-12

Step-3: Select the customer/retailer for which, you want to place an order.

AapTak Business-13-updated

Step-4: Click on New Order if there’s a need. You can even view order details here.

AapTak Business-14

Step-5: Select the items requested by the customer by clicking on the Add button.

AapTak Business-15

Check the Order status.

AapTak Business-16

How to Configure in Application

In the software, a new section i.e. B2B Cloud has been added. Here, you can set up your AapTak B2B App configurations and other settings. To do so, follow the given steps:

Step-1: Go to the B2B Branch Activation and enter the API Key that you copied earlier. Then click the Refresh button and then click on Activate. Your branch will get activated.

B2B AapTak-1

After activating API Key, Click on Manage License. Get your Aaptak Business activation key by contacting Logic or you can buy it from Logic Cloud Console

Step-2: Now go to B2B Setup Items. Here you can upload the items that you want to display in the app.

B2B AapTak-3

Step-3: In the B2B Branch Client Link, you can Invite the customers.

B2B AapTak-4

Step-4: Manage your customer orders in the B2B Manage Order window.

B2B AapTak-2

Step-5: You can also upload reports via B2B Upload Reports window.

B2B AapTak-6

Step-6: Go to the B2B Upload Bills window in case you want to send bills to the cloud.

B2B AapTak-5

Step-7: Allocate agents to the parties from which they have to collect orders in the Manage B2B Agents window.

B2B AapTak-9-Updated

Step-8: Manage bookings and check booking status in Manage B2B Bookings.

B2B AapTak-8-Updated

Step-9: Upload items image in Upload B2B Images window.

B2B AapTak-7
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