Accept payments at POS from any UPI enable App using PayTM dynamic Bharat QR Code

LOGIC introduced a new payment option in Sale Bill i.e., Paytm Bharat QR service. It’s a great way to promote cashless or touchless payment.

See it in action in the video above.

How to enable PayTM Bharat QR Code

Please contact Logic Support or PayTM directly to get Merchant ID and other details
Dynamic QR display device will display Dynamically Generated QR Code for the current Bill on the PayTM device and customers need not have to enter the amount manually.
Customers can pay using any UPI enabled app with any payment modes available in-app. With PayTM app customers can pay using UPI, Wallet, Credit/Debit cards, or any other payment mode available.

Go to “Wallet Payment Configuration.” In the PayTM Configuration, enter all the details as given in the picture below:


Now, when you create a bill in Logic, you will see the PayTM QR button in the payment window. Click on the button to pay using PayTM


Enter the amount and click on the Pay button.


Payment Dynamic QR Code will appear on the PayTM device attached to your PC. Scan the code to make the payment. QR Code will also be shown on the Payment Screen.


You need to install LogicPaytmQRservice for communication with the QR device. Install the application of the service at any location other than Logic Installation Folder.


To download PaytmQRserviceInstaller from links below

Logic PayTM QR Service Installer exe
Logic PayTM QR Service Installer zip

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