Send Digital Bills to customers-Introducing Aaptak e-Bills

Now merchants can send digital bills to customers’ mobile from within the application. For enabling Aaptak e-Bills in Logic, follow the steps below

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Step-1 Download Aaptak Merchant App from Google Play Store and Login with your Logic ERP registered username and password. You can also go to Aaptak App Web Link to Login into your account. 


Step-2 In the My Dashboard window, click on e-Bills button.


Step-3 Click on ‘+Branch‘ Button on Top to Add your Store in Merchant App. You can add as many as stores you want. 


Enter details of store and click on save. Delivery time and service radius are not required for Aaptak e-Bills. Please enter any value.


Once saved successfully branch will show on the AapTak E-bills page. Click on the ‘+Credit‘ button to open the Buy Invoices window.

Step-4 Select the number of invoices you want to buy and click on the Buy Invoice button.


Step-5 Check your order details and proceed with the payment.


After buying the invoice, your bill count will get updated, which you can manage in AapTak Services.


Step-6 Get your Aaptak activation key by copying the API key from the AapTak E-Bills window.


Enter the key in the Activate AapTak App window in the software for branch activation.


Step-7 Go to the AapTak App Configuration click on the Aaptak e-Bills button.


Link the desired printing configuration here against each series for which you want to send e-Bill


After that, when you create the sale bill, an e-bill link will be sent to the retail customer selected in the bill in SMS.

Sample Bill Preview in Aaptak e-Bills

Sample SMS text

Thank you for shopping at Aaptak Demo Vegetables Shop. To view your bill click on the below link

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