Advance Stock Replenishment

Advance Stock Replenishment (ASR) module is designed to refill the inventory of Stores/Branches based on there requirement defined in the master level on auto-mode. It can help the organization to streamline inventory movement from warehouse to Stores/Branches. The merchandising team can define parameters into the system on Store/Branch wise, on Category/Subcategory levels to generate the orders of their respective Stores/Branches.

How to create it?

To create the ASR module, a new window is added by LOGIC ERP in the software i.e., Store Replenishment – Advance. But first, you have to define the Base stock/MQL Level, which you can do in Setup Category Master – Stock Replenishment (Advanced) window. There are two modes in it: Batch Mode & Entry Mode.

Batch Mode:

Advanced Stock Replenishment

Entry Mode: Fill the details as per your requirement.

Advanced Stock Replenishment - 1

Now, go to the Store Replenishment – Advance window. In the configuration settings, select sale order configuration and order prefix code to be mapped with Stock Replenishment. Enter the Prefix code to generate the document no. for stock replenishment. Select SKU MQL Level for calculation of Allocation Qty. In case if you have to fix Warehouse and Store Locations for refilling, you can set that in COnfiguration master. Else you can also select from the Entry form as required.

You can define a formula to Allocate order Qty for Stock Replenishment to Stores from Warehouse. For example, the formulation of Replenishment: ((MQL QTY*Store Grade Flag%) + (Budget Qty*Target Ach %))- (Closing stock+ GIT+ Pending DO))

Advanced Stock Replenishment-2

After filling the information, click on Item Details to add the requirements as per your need.

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