New Options Added in “Enter G.R. Details – Grid Mode Configurations” Window

LOGIC updated the configuration settings of the “Enter G.R. Details – Grid Mode” window by introducing new options. Now you can add G.R. Prefixes, set print configuration, add customer name, and much more. You can also “Attach Documents” now. Follow the given steps to know how new updates work:

Step-1: In the ‘Enter G.R. Details – Grid Mode‘ window, click on the ‘Configuration‘ button. ‘Enter G.R. Details – Grid Mode Configuration‘ window will open. You can see the updated changes related to G.R. details.

If you select the “Do not allow Entry without customer selection” option, then no entry will get entered unless a customer name is entered. Set GR Numbers-2 As, “Auto Generate Unique GR Number-2 Party Wise,” or select any other option from the list. Set the G.R. Prefixes and print Configuration.

Enter gr details grid mode 1-Updated (1)

Step-2: You can also Set the column attributes that you want to display. The columns that you will set as “Fixed” will not get copied once you start filling the details in the Enter G.R. Details – Grid Mode window.

Enter gr details grid mode 1-Updated (2)

Step-3: As you can see, the columns that you set as Fixed in the Set Column Attributes window did not get copied and are not the same for the entries entered.

Enter gr details grid mode 1-Updated (3)
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